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“The Elephant Mountain Pine Forest Resort, a place that blends the majesty of nature and the human heart. We respect, protect and discover the unique beauty of the red pine forest, bringing you magical and profound moments with nature.”
Coming to Elephant Mountain Pine Forest, you will get:
  • Explore & touch the majestic - mysterious nature
  • Ethnic cultural exchange in Central Highlands and Asian countries
  • Experience high-class resort travel and close to nature
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Setting foot in the Elephant Mountain Pine Forest, you will be able to go from one surprise to another, from cultural tourism, sightseeing, recreation, and nature exploration. This is the first large complex built in Da Lat.
  • Hanok Korean Ancient House
  • Chaniwa . Japanese rock garden tea ceremony
  • Landscape rock garden - Karesansui
  • Thien Huong Zen Monastery
  • Royal Garden
  • Old Dalat area - Cam Ly Church
  • Tay Nguyen Ethnic Village
  • Royal Garden
This is the sightseeing experience at Elephant Mountain Pine Forest Resort that attracts the most visitors. Cultural exchange area is a complex built with the characteristics of a number of countries in Asia, which is exchanged and combined by experienced architects from different countries with a team of experts in Vietnam. Vietnam built up.


Spacious living space with interesting items, delicately decorated from mysterious paintings, teak sculptures, or porcelain drums...all create a wonderful atmosphere. lively resort space.
Rich culinary experience

Khu nhà hàng ẩm thực đa dạng

In the cozy and romantic space of the glass restaurant complex, delicate dishes and drinks are prepared by skillful and professional chefs at Elephant Mountain Pine Forest.

After a long day of sightseeing, experience you will come back to rest and enjoy special cuisine at a 5-star restaurant by a team of famous chefs. The dishes are diverse and attractive, prepared with countless recipes from many localities around the world.


Recreation area, resort teambuilding

During the vacation, in addition to sightseeing, visitors can experience kayaking, campfire, BBQ, team building. Families with young children can join them in the games at the game world area.

Visitors can participate in learning experiences about rare plant species, participate in forest retreat-meditation activities, trekking, participate in forest living experiences to explore and conquer nature. mysterious. Admire the 7-storey waterfall, listen to the healing sound, and fully immerse yourself in the majestic nature that can only be found here.

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A travel guide to visit and have great experiences at Elephant Mountain Pine Forest Resort.